The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which became mandatory on May 25, 2018, establishes a new legal framework for governing the security of personal data for organizations in the European Union. The regulation standardizes rules in the EU to ensure stricter control of organizations processing personal data, with severe fines for non-compliance. Among the obligations for businesses are primarily:

(a) Protection of individuals’ rights, (b) Security (confidentiality, integrity, availability) of personal data, (c) Processing of personal data throughout their lifecycle, from collection to destruction, once the purpose of their use has been completed, taking into account the existing legal framework, and (d) Disclosure actions that the company must follow in case of data breach or leakage.

ARMAOS, in collaboration with AQS, has already initiated a compliance project with the new regulation for all its activities and the overall management of personal data, aiming to be completed before the deadline for the regulation’s implementation.

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